LIKE A FLOWER is an empowering contemporary pop song inspired by the life work and poem ‘Be Like A Flower’ by Mirra Alfassa who worked, together with Sri Aurobindo, for the manifestation of a new consciousness.  Written and composed by Rita Bergmann, orchestrated and produced by James Quinn. 50% of all proceeds from purchased downloads and from streaming on Spotify and other services, go to the Healing Centre in Auroville, India. For downloads please write to

LIKE A FLOWER (lyrics)

She’s better than perfect but she doesn’t know

Reach for the sun she’s a flower oh so pleasant

Knows she’ll grow stuck below

A deep knowing from her essence

A tiny seed in motion will move the earth

Better than perfect she knows what to know

Knows to look up

Make it from dark to grey to the light of day like a flower

She’s not pressed for time

Has no doubt she will shine from between her shape and colour

Delightful in just being is her power

What do you see when you look at yourself with the eye of the heart

See you are free like a flower

She never learned to judge

She will openly show all of herself carefree lovingly

What do you see with positivity as if in love with yourself

Is it the trueness of your radiance

The grantedness of confidence

Compete with nothing and with no one

You’re not afraid to die and be gone

Giving generous and equal all your beauty and all peaceful

Heavy thoughts lay down burn them let them drown

Trust in all that you are any hour

Now you stand your ground no matter who’s around like a flower

And you take your space radiate your grace like a flower

Delightful in just being is your power

Delightful in just being is your power

THAT KIND OF MAN – cherished qualities of the beloved. (August 2019)


“The songs I write are based on my own hearts desires like increased mindfulness, appreciation of oneself and life, perfect romance, and much more. One of my compositions is about finding the right place to live with all details perfect. As I had amazing success with this, for I now live in just that place, I decided to also write personal songs for others about their hopes and dreams to support them with their goals.”

Rita Bergmann, of German origin and living in Ireland since 1997 writes songs of heart desires for herself and others with great passion. Her main influences are Cat Stevens, Bob Dylan, Joan Baez and Donovan. Rita’s songs can have similarities with the sounds of Enya, Florence and the Machine, Sarah McLachlan and Sinead O’Connor.

Rita loves songs by Adele and Sia, and she loves a good laugh with ‘Father Ted’ and ‘Sex and the City’, feeling the warm sun on her skin and watching the kitten play in the sunshine. She combines her music with her profound experiences of energy healing as a means for increased awareness, non-resistance, non-judgement and non-attachment.

Rita released her debut EP Caress Your Soul in 2007, her EP Summer Sun in 2010, and her album As Soon As Tomorrow in 2017. She has opened gigs for Ger Wolfe and Brian Kennedy. She has also performed at the Hard Rock Cafe in Dublin, Tara Hill Open Studio, Sheridan’s Food Festival, Moynalty Yoga Festival, Loughcrew Gardens Cafe, and for ALEA in Freiburg, Germany.


Irene Bagnall (aka Brid Nelson, Woodstock TV) “Though the lyrics themselves have a profound depth, the musical tone of the songs cleverly balances out the whole. One could almost call these songs holistic musings. Rita is that rare singer-songwriter who has those thought provoking lyrics while at the same time the ability to lift your spirits with the lightness of the music.”

Alexandra Pengler (Vocal Coach) “Rita has a very unique and personal style with the ability to move the listener deep inside. Her powerful lyrics and catchy melodies along with uplifting chords will be stuck in your head forever once you heard her play and sing with that beautiful voice.”

Gerry McCafferty  “Having been a roadie for Clannad I have heard some of the greatest. Rita would easily please a huge audience with her softly flowing voice backed by beautifully engaging musical arrangements.”

Clare Cunningham (former Lead Singer of Thundermother) “Rita is a fantastic songwriter! She has a great way with words!”

‘Home’ I wrote for someone looking for the right house mate. The result was a great success!”

Silvia Di: “I found Rita’s songwriting excellent. When I was trying to find a housemate with specific qualities I consulted Rita and she wrote a song for me . I sang the song only for a couple of days and the perfect housemate landed at my door. Could not be happier with the results. I highly recommend her.”

If you would like a personal song for yourself go to I WRITE YOU A SONG. You can also email me at for more details.

I SAY NO – song for freedom from abuse – written and composed by Rita Bergmann ©, produced by James Quinn also on keyboards, with Martin Quinn on guitars.