Songs Of New Beginning

 Produced by James Quinn at JAM Studios  Kells, Ireland.

1. Rise
2. As Soon As Tomorrow
3. August Sky
4. I Say No
5. Flyin’
6. Underground Love
7. No One’s Fool
8. Surrender
9. Want You So
10. Somebody Out There
11. Vivid
12. Cherry Pie
13. Tanz Mit Dem Wind

If you would like to purchase any of the tracks send an email to (one track 1 Euro, whole album 10 Euro). Thank you for supporting me as an artist.

A million thanks to  James Quinn who has an exquisite sensitivity for the needs of my songs, and outstanding skills on the keyboard. I am thrilled with what has been created, with the input of two more incredible talents, Martin Quinn on guitars, Andrew Quinn on drums, David Gough on Bass and Niamh Murtagh Quinn on backing vocals. My deep appreciation goes to Alexandra Pengler of Luka Novic. As my vocal coach she offers me ultimate support when the singing gets tricky. Many thanks to David Leddy who has been a wonderful inspiration and support during the pre-production of four of the songs.

“My motivation for writing these songs comes from my belief in the power of intention put into word and sound. To me the transformation takes place through the song by acknowledging the emotions and focusing on the desired outcome in the lyrics which are empowered by the vocal and musical tones. The overall intention for my songs is to experience more of love, joy and peace for anyone who hears or sings the songs.”

Brid Nelson (Woodstock TV) “Though the lyrics themselves have a profound depth, the musical tone of the songs cleverly balances out the whole. One could almost call these songs holistic musings. Rita is that rare singer-songwriter who has those thought provoking lyrics while at the same time the ability to lift your spirits with the lightness of the music.”

Alexandra Pengler (Vocal Coach) “Rita has a very unique and personal style with the ability to move the listener deep inside. Her powerful lyrics and catchy melodies along with uplifting chords will be stuck in your head forever once you heard her play and sing with that beautiful voice.”

Gerry McCafferty “Having been a roadie for Clannad I have heard some of the greatest. Rita would easily please a huge audience with her softly flowing voice backed by beautifully engaging musical arrangements.”

Clare Cunningham (Lead Singer of Thundermother) “Rita is a fantastic songwriter! She has a great way with words!”