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Find My Way Home

omeath cropped 2Hey, it’s Rita. Anyone remember Christmas 1981? ‘Find My Way Home’ by Jon and Vangelis was playing everywhere. Well, anyway, in Brighton so it was. I so totally connected with the song even though I didn’t really get the meaning of it then. Today I still love it like new and I’ve come to realize this song points to the music I make. I can see how ‘Am I so lost in my sin’ stands for acting out disturbing emotions, acting out guilt, shame, anger, fear, because we are not aware of them and/or don’t know what to do with them.

I used mine to write songs about who and where I wanted to be. I was basically looking for love, joy and peace, and I just didn’t know how to find any of that. I wrote these songs with the faint hope they might help me, having in mind something like: ‘Make talk an altar for prayer, somehow you’ll find you  are there’, and a subtle knowing about the power of music.

Here I am, eight years after my first song. It’s taken a long time, but things are looking up. I’m finding my way home. Thanks to all who inspired me on the way.

My Dark Secrets

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Willing To Make A Fool Of Myself ?

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What’s Your Favorite Line Today

Posted on May 3rd, 2014   Comments Off on What’s Your Favorite Line Today

And miles to go before I sleep. (Robert Frost)
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