Songs can have great manifestation power through their intention, words and sound.

I have been writing songs for more than ten years to help me fulfill my heart desires like increased mindfulness, self-love and self-care, appreciation of life, trust in happy outcomes, setting healthy boundaries, perfect romance, living in my dream home, and more with lovely results. The outcomes happened over time but they happened and still are happening for me.

I feel very passionate about what I do and I’m delighted to offer to write songs for people and their wishes (in English or German language).

If you would like me to write a song for you contact me at ritabergmann.rb@gmail.com to discuss the details. We can have a chat in person or via voice or video call where you tell me what you want in the song, and where we bring your heart desire into clear focus. It will then take me about a week to put your song together. I will record it on the i-phone with vocals and guitar and send it to you in an email.

The price for the song is € 100 to my PayPal account.

Below is a testimonial and a video of a song requested.

SILVIA DI: “I found Rita’s songwriting excellent. When I was trying to find a housemate with specific qualities I consulted Rita and she wrote a song for me . I sang the song only for a couple of days and the perfect housemate landed at my door. Could not be happier with the results. I highly recommend her.”

The video below, ‘It Just Is’ was requested by someone looking for more self-appreciation and joy in their life.

Disclaimer: I can’t of course guarantee the desired result but people respond with great delight about the songs I write for them.