Rita videoScreenshot sharpIN 2015-05-22 13.02.48I am a singer-songwriter of German origin, based in the north-east of the Irish Republic, dedicated to the appreciation of our very being and to the value of emotion.

The contents of my songs are inspired by my own life experiences. They reflect cravings for feeling loved and try for non-judgmental self-awareness.

With a bit of a German accent seeping through the vocals, my voice has been described as distinct and clear, slightly tinged with the sounds of Joan Baez, Sinead O’Connor, and Abba. Having lived in Ireland for many years, some traditional traits can be noticed in the catchy, contemporary pop style of the tracks.

My influences are folk, folk/rock and contemporary pop. I intend my songs to be transformational, catchy and delightful, deep and inspirational, always on the lookout for the good. These qualities are my lived experiences throughout the writing, singing and producing of, as well as listening to the songs. May they be yours if you wish.

I am now available to write, compose and record personal songs for your own specific goals. See I WRITE YOU A SONG

You can read my story HERE.

NEW RELEASE ‘As Soon As Tomorrow’ on 12th March 2017! Excitedly I have been working on an album of a variety of songs with a real cool producer, James Quinn at JAM Studios in Kells, Ireland.

James has an exquisite sensitivity for the needs of my songs, and outstanding skills on the keyboard. I am thrilled with what has been created, with the input of two more incredible talents, Martin Quinn on guitars and Andrew Quinn on drums.

The lyrical content of the thirteen songs embraces the dark sides of life coming to light and dissipating. Or so it is intended. One of these tracks, I Say No , is dedicated to freedom from oppression, and has been released as a free download in April 2015. Well, and there’s a happy holiday song on the album as well, August Sky  :))

My deep appreciation goes to Alexandra Pengler of Luka Novic. As my vocal coach she offers me ultimate support when the singing gets tricky.

Many thanks go to David Leddy who has been a wonderful inspiration and support during the pre-production of four of the songs.

CLICK HERE to listen in and buy the album.

Summer Sun - album coverMy second EP “Summer Sun” was produced and released in 2010, carrying the vibes of a soul-comforting uplift.

The four songs are co-written with Gerry Simpson who I share the copyright with.

I proudly would like to thank Gerry for a fabulous production and his valuable input as author and composer whose achievements as a musician are many more than his part in the Irish contribution to the Eurovision Song Contest in 2000.

Many thanks also to Geraldine Simpson who did the backing vocals together with Gerry. Also many thanks to Bazz Leahy who played the guitar on all tracks. More thanks go to Shane Cowley and Eric O’Neill for the photo shoots, to Christopher Jennings for the CD booklet design, and to Alison Comyn for promoting my music in the ‘Drogheda Independent’.

I would like to add my appreciation of producer Pat Wheelan (composer of The Winding Road To Kiltimagh) who had a lot of praise for my song-writing. I felt honored  writing the lyrics for some of his songs.

CLICK HERE to listen in on four catchy, energizing tracks, available on both physical CD and digital download.


Caress Your Soul - Album CoverIn 2007 I released “Caress Your Soul”, my debut EP with five intimate creations touching on our longing to feel safe and loved.

I would like to thank Clare Cunningham, lead-singer of Thundermother, for her encouragement and help. Many thanks also go to my family and friends for their ongoing support.

I am the author and composer of the five songs on the album and own the copyright. The album was recorded by Gerry Simpson at Sidetrax Studios in Monasterboice, Ireland.

CLICK HERE to listen and enjoy these authentic acoustic tracks with simply my vocals and guitar, available as digital download only.