New Beginning Wish Fulfilling

Rita videoScreenshot 2015-05-22 13about sharpWhen ‘The Secret’ came out in 2006 I became fascinated with the concept of ‘words become things’. Ever since I haven’t stopped using it with more or less success. Only recently have I discovered what needs to be done when the concept is not working. But more about that another time. Here is how it worked for me to write my first songs in 2007.

It was unbelievably simple. Miraculous even. Well, I went to a talk by an inspirational speaker. When we were asked to write down a goal we wanted to achieve in the next five weeks I made that bold statement that I would have five songs written by then.

The thing was, you see, I really had no idea about songwriting apart from listening to my favorite songs excessively and whatever I had picked up from that.

So, I made myself sit down with a blank sheet of paper and waited. I waited for a good while. Nothing came. Then I thought, how about writing about what is going on with me just now and what I wish for. And I started: “My body is filling with words from my mind calling a dream …”. And I continued: “… out of a blank words take shape …”. And I continued …

The melody came easy and the resulting song I called ‘Caress Your Soul’. It became the title song of the EP I recorded after I had magically written those five songs I had set down to do. I really did them in five weeks, something I don’t usually do now.

These five songs contain heart’s desires of mine that have already come true in the song, and by now have partly come true in real life. Because the intention put into human voice, and the feel good factor of the music of a song are very powerful. What has not yet manifested for me, I believe will come when the time is right, and when I have become aware of and resolved the emotions that are blocking the manifestation.

Two of the songs are about a good relationship with my mother, one is filled with good wishes for my children, one is for an abundant life, and the very first one is a bit of an overview for making dreams come true.

I love catchy melodies and lyrics, so I took some effort to let those be guidelines for the songs. I guess, also my early influences by Cat Stevens, Joan Baez, Donovan and traditional Irish music might have some kind of presence in my songs.

In 2010 I released another EP, ‘Summer Sun’, co-written with Gerry Simpson. Again the topics are wish-fulfillment, like the ideal romantic relationship, self-awareness and self-acceptance, self-care, and things falling into place.

In the meantime I have been working on an album of twelve songs which will be released soon. Here the themes are, just to mention a few, self-reflection, forgiveness, finding a compatible relationship, letting go, happy holidays, facing fear, improved eye-sight and vision, and more.

If you would like to listen in and/or purchase my EPs you can go to

Caress Your Soul EP


Summer Sun EP

If you would like me to write for you a personal song about your own heart’s desire you can email me at with your questions and the picture you have in mind.

Thanks again for listening, and hopefully you’ll be part of my future musical ventures. Thank you for any comments you might have.

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