Catchy Energizing Soul-comforting Uplift

Produced by Gerry Simpson Sidetrax Studios Monasterboice, Ireland.

  1. Summer Sun
  2. It’s Ok
  3. Now I’m Happy
  4. Carry Me

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The four contemporary traditional tracks of the EP ‘Summer Sun’ have an energizing, uplifting feel, and express real joy and a trustful outlook on life. They speak of perfect romance (Summer Sun), receiving guidance from a teacher for self-acceptance and self-love (It’s Ok), taking time out to do what fills you with joy (Now I’m Happy), and the trust in what you want from life will fall into place (Carry Me).

Brid Nelson, Woodstock TV: “Rita is that rare singer-songwriter who has those thought provoking lyrics while at the same time the ability to lift your spirits with the lightness of the music.”

‘Summer Sun’ was produced and released in 2010. The four songs are co-written with Gerry Simpson who I share the copyright with. Many thanks to Gerry for a fabulous production and his valuable input as author and composer whose achievements as a musician are many more than just his part in the Irish contribution to the Eurovision Song Contest in 2000.

Many thanks also to Alexandra Pengler for her brilliant voice coaching, and to Geraldine Simpson who did the backing vocals together with Gerry. Further thanks go to Bazz Leahy who played the guitar on all tracks,  to Shane Cowley and Eric O’Neill for the photo shoots, and to Christopher Jennings for the CD booklet design.